I spent the majority of my time in Scotland on the Isle of Skye. I think that I read that Skye is closer to the Arctic Circle then to London, and most guide books would recommend traveling there in the summer months, but I live in Los Angeles where it’s annoyingly sunny 95% of the time so I really enjoy my cold inclement weather vacations. I traveled there in late November, which is their off-season. I don’t have any regrets about visiting during that time, but I was a little bit limited in what I was able to do there because of the weather conditions. You can’t really tell in these photos but the roads were icy and there were a couple of times when my rental car either had trouble getting up a hill and started rolling backwards almost off a cliff (for real yikes city trying to get up to the Quiraing — which I didn’t get to see because of said icy cliff problems. Dannnngg it! Shakes fist at icy road!) or got stuck completely (in the Faerie Glen — thank you to the kind scotsman who towed me out. I thought I might be stuck there forever but things turned out okay.) Really, I just regret not renting a 4×4 car. Oh well! You live and you learn.

Anyways, I can’t wait to see the things that I missed one day in the future, but the stuff that I did get to see was absolutely amazing and otherworldly. I hiked out to the Westerly point of Skye – Neist Point, watched late fall turn into winter, hung out with all the sheep, cliffs, wind, and lonely roads, and felt like I had the whole weather beaten isle to myself while driving around listening to the excellent BBC Radio 6.

More about Skye in a later post, but for now without further ado, here are some photos from my first couple of days on the isle.

Taken with a combination of film, digital, and phone.

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Scotland. Ohhhh Scotland.

This past November I took a solo road trip throughout Scotland and it was completely amazing. At first I was very sure that I wanted to do it alone, and then right before my trip I was wondering if I was kind of nuts for going to such a beautiful place by myself, cause how nice would it be to share this experience with someone I love? But I’m pretty happy that I was able to experience it the way I did first. It was such a gift to be able to drive around and stop whenever and wherever I wanted to take photos without worrying if I was annoying a fellow traveler with my non-stop-stops. And I stopped A LOT. I have never been to a place that was so overwhelmingly beautiful. Every inch of it caused my eyeballs to pop out of my head and drop to the ground and then bounce around from excitement. Know what I mean? It was nuts.

I arrived in Scotland on the red eye from JFK and even though I had barely slept I was wide awake and ready to see EVERYTHING. I picked up my car straightaway and set off towards Glen Coe. Misty, cold but not too cold, windy, single track roads that twisted and turned, barely any other people, a beautiful mountain valley — my kind of place! I stayed at the 300 year old Clachaig Inn which I can’t recommend enough. I had a cozy warm little room and could hear the wind hollowing over the mountains throughout the night. They had amazing food and drink downstairs — tons of vegetarian options which is super important for me and some seriously delicious beer + hot chocolate. Mmmm.

Here are some photos from my first few days in and around Glen Coe. Taken with my Nikon D810, iPhone, Canon Ae-1, and my Olympus Stylus.

I hope you like photos of mountains, lonely roads, and rainbows.

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